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Summer Vacation in Jackson Hole!

It’s February. How did that happen? We love winter but once we start to creep into February and March, the brain begins to dream of warmer days, hours of daylight and the light Wyoming breeze that comes with dusk. The sunsets are epic and they send all who watch them into frenzy of excitement because every Teton sunset is different than the last.



Have we got your attention? Yes? Good. While you’re dreaming of summer in the hole, maybe it’s time to start planning? Let us help.

There are two types of vacation people. The one’s who plan to fill their days with activities, places and things. Then there are those who are a little more spontaneous. Regardless of your type of planning, it’s always a good idea to plan a little before arriving Jackson. After all, summer is kind of a big deal here.

Here are some tips to help you get started for visiting us this summer.

Timeframe. How long do you want to stay and play? How many days will you spend in Jackson? How much time do you want to spend in the parks? Once you nail down these details, the fun can begin

Book your accommodations. In advance. Like, a solid couple of months in advance. If you are planning to stay in Jackson or the parks. BOOK AHEAD. We can’t stress this enough. The parks are celebrating their 100th Birthday this year so you better believe things are booking up fast and furiously.

Think about the extras. Whitewater Rafting. Scenic Float. Tram Ride. Wildlife Safaris. Horseback Riding. Museums. Hiking. Fishing. Taking in a rodeo. A boat cruise in Grand Teton National Park. If you can book in advance, do it. It’s worth it. You can always make changes later.

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A semi plan of attack. Ok, you’ve thought about what’s important for you to do while here. Now, make a plan on how you’re going to do it all. Account for changes in the weather, mood and hunger levels. Things might not go the way you want, so prepare to be flexible.

Treat yourself. It’s pretty important to treat yourself to at least one thing you really want while on vacation. Maybe it’s a spa treatment. Or an amazing meal. Or a full day doing a wildlife safari in the park. Are you searching for a night out on the town? Maybe, just maybe, you want a legit pair of cowboy boots. Pick something. You deserve it!

Be patient. You did the work. You put in the time. Summer will be here before you know it and we can’t wait to see you. You’re gonna love it here and we already know that you’ll be back.

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Still need some help? Give us a shout. We love talking about our backyard and helping you to plan a most epic trip to Jackson Hole. Leave us a comment or shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you!




Relax and enjoy the wildlife and the water.

Customer Testimonials

  • Best Whitewater Experience
    “Amazing trip, fabulous guide Troy! We did the 16 mile trip scenic then breakfast then rafting, highly recommend. Breakfast was so good!!! Great company, well run, will definitely use again!!”

  • 8 Mile Whitewater
    “Took my kids on their first whitewater rafting trip and they had a blast! Rapids were not too big since it's the end of the season, but it was just right for my 8- and 11-year-old. Austin was a great guide and hilarious (although don't believe any of his stories...) The staff was friendly and helpful.”

    TripAdvisor Comment
  • 8 Miles of Whitewater
    “Yale guided us on a fun, safe & entertaining trip down the beautiful Snake River. This was our daughter’s maiden voyage on a whitewater trip & she immediately said "when can we do that again?!”

    Theresa L
  • 16 Mile Overnight Trip
    “We had a fantastic time going on the overnight rafting trip! It was a great group of people and Marlon and Palmer treated us very well. We loved sleeping in teepees and experiencing camp life. Our kids had a blast on the whitewater raft and wanted to go again. Definitely our favorite part of our trip to Wyoming.”

    Nicole W
  • 8 Miles of Whitewater
    “Our guide Pat was fantastic! He was well informed, experienced, and funny. My sister and I took my dad on a once in a lifetime trip and whitewater rafting was something we all wanted to do. We couldn't have asked for a better experience or company to use to make this a trip of a lifetime. ”

    Sarah R
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